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by Jack Mcdevitt

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This book was an amazing mystery book. When the crew members on the Polaris disappeared I thought there was going to be an epic battle between them and the humans but instead the disappearance turns out to be fake!! Then where are the people that were on the Polaris? Read the book and find out

NFL TODAY, The Story of The New York JETS
by Jim Whiting

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As a Jets' fan, I think this is a good book because it tells you about the history of The New York Jets football team. The player that impressed me the most was Joe Namath because "Broadway Joe" ended his carrier in New York with more than 27,000 passing yards, and 170 touchdowns-club records that still stand today. My favorite part of this book is when The Jets won the Super Bowl back in 1969. It was expected for The Baltimore Cults to win Super Bowl III, but The New York Jets prevailed with a score of 16 to 7.

Captain Underpants Book 9
by Dav Pilkey

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In chapter 14 George and Harold were put in detention because they were smacking the bullies with their tie. In detention they became friends and were there for seven hours. They created their first comic book. In the next chapter was their comic book called Dog Man. In chapter 16, they decided to create their own publishing company in a tree house that George's dad was building in their backyard.

Unidentified Suburban Object
by Mike Jung

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This book is about a Korean girl named Chloe Cho. She goes through hard times, and finds out that what she thought about her Korean background is light years off.

Six Innings
by James Preller

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I loved this book because it's about baseball and a championship game. It was two really good teams playing against each other which made the book very interesting. My favorite part was when one of the worst players on one of the teams made a great play fielding a ground ball.

Witch and Wizard
by James Patterson

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This is a fantastical book. It is about Whit and his younger sister Witsy. One night they are taken away from their parents because of the New Order. According to the New Order, anyone who is a threat to The One Who Is One will be executed. Now, how are two teenagers, Whit and Witsy, a threat. Well, Whit is a wizard and Witsy is a witch. After they are arrested, they are scheduled for execution in one month. Will, Whit and Witsy be able to escape their high security prison, and not get executed? I recommend this book for those who like fantasy, suspense, action, and adventure.

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls
by Francesca Cavallo

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This book teaches you all about girls who all did great at different things. I enjoyed reading about Eleanor Roosevelt most.

Engineering at&t stadium
by Barbara Lowell

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it was pretty good. the cowboys are my favorite team.

by Andrew Clements

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I really liked this book because it kept you reading. I would recommend this book to 4th or 5th graders.

Princess Posey And The First Grade Parade
by Stephanie Greene

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My favorite part of this book was when Princess Posey wanted to be in the parade. Only she was doing the parade but other friends and girls joined it. The boys said mean things about the parade but then apologized and thought it was fun.
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