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India The Moonstone Fairy
by Daisy Meadows

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India's jewel lands in a backyard. Rachel knows the woman that the backyard belongs to. Rachel and Kirsty go to her backyard and find the jewel on the baby's stroller. Goblins come after them. The goblins are Jack Frost's minions and they are evil. Can the fairies escape with the jewel?

Dog Man
by Dav Pilkey

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The mayor fires the police chief because on the news it showed that he let Petey escape from jail 8 times and everyone hates the chief. A robot chief comes in. Dog Man figures out that the mayor is evil. Petey got an invisible spray from the mayor. He uses it to escape again. Then he makes everybody dumb. Hot dogs come to life. Petey does so many funny and evil things. Read to find out what else happens and if Dog Man can save the day!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Getaway
by Jeff Kinney Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Series

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You should read this book because it is funny! Greg and his family go on vacation and it's full of excitement.

All's Faire In Middle School By Victoria Jamieson
by Victoria Jameson

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I liked it because it is like my life.

The War I Finally Won
by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

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I really enjoyed the storyline. I really wish that there were more books in the series. I loved this book.

Five Kingdoms Sky Raiders (book 1)
by Brandon Mull

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Cole was just trying to have a good scare on Halloween with his friends going to the neighborhood scare house that people say is really scary and the owner used to work for the Hollywood special effects. But when the man tells the kids to go in the basement to have the ultimate scare, that was when it was a trap. 60 or so trick-or-treaters were captured and were taken as slaves to another dymention. Cole manage to slip from the captures hands and followed them into the mysterious hole in the wall. What happens after that is the start of his crazy, action packed adventure to free his friends (and some other side stuff). This book was great probably one of my favorites i hope you enjoy it

Big Nate What Could Possibly Go Wrong
by Lincoln Pierce

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these comics are very funny

Engineering at&t stadium
by Barbara Lowell

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it was pretty good. the cowboys are my favorite team.

Cristiano Ronaldo
by Paul Logothetis

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I liked this book because I like soccer

Dog Man And Cat Kid
by Dav Pilkey

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I liked the part about when the chapter said destroy all weenies. The reason I liked it is because the people in the story were making fun of the weenies because they got called cute.
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